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Events for your community

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Move blends the entire event management process into one simple tool. Focus on sharing to your community, and leave the rest with us.

  • Generate a landing page for your event
  • Connect your debit card or bank account to sell event tickets
  • Manage reservations and check-in attendees on event day (No equipment needed)

Event creation

Quickly build events no matter the type, size, or occasion. With Move, creating a event feels like creating a social media post. A simple, straightforward, natural tool that seamslesly integrates with your business.

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Event management

With Move, you can skip the anxiety that comes with creating a landing page. For both events and your profile, Move handles the page creation, all while delivering up to date metrics.

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Event check-in

Move handles online ticketing and on-site check-in (no equipment needed). Sell tickets in over 25+ countries. We send your money directly to you with no hold of funds. Transfers are routed every 3 days.

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