At Move, we stand for empowerment, connection, and community. We are a non-political, globally inclusive platform dedicated to fostering meaningful connections and enabling users to share and engage in a safe and legal manner.

Similar to the freedom of expression found in blogging, Move empowers users to create groups and events, providing tools to connect with like-minded individuals. We believe in the power of community and the importance of facilitating connections that transcend geographical boundaries.

We uphold the values of freedom of speech and remain steadfast in our commitment to being apolitical and unaffiliated. Move is a platform free from any single agenda, dedicated solely to providing a space where individuals can express themselves and engage with others without interference or bias.

What is Move?

Move, in essence, is a content tool for building and publishing events. Similar to how Medium is to blogging, or Soundcloud is to music, Move is to events.

We aimed to strip away all unnecessary branding, complex interfaces, time-wasters, and cluttered features, to present a simple, elegant, and straightforward tool for building events and connecting with your community.

We are not a marketing platform, CRM, or a product that tries to run your business. We are simply a tool that fits into your usual cadence but helps you expedite the process of creating efficient and effective events. We won't try to upsell you, and we won't bombard you with a ton of newsletters and emails in an attempt to "build engagement". Our approach is thoughtful, and we are here for you when needed.

Why Move?

We understand that not everyone will love us, but we firmly believe that Move can fit just about anyone. While we may lack some of the bells and whistles commonly found on other event ticketing websites, we assure you that we include everything that matters when it comes to providing a dedicated space to connect with a group of folks.

Own YOUR data. Manage your way. We're like old school software, we make the tool available and get out of the way.

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