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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Move for?

We best fit those who are looking for a modern, hassle-free event creation experience. We know that dealing with complex customization options can be overwhelming and time-consuming, which is why we've streamlined the process to make it simple and easy to use.

With Move, you don't have to worry about unnecessary decisions like choosing gradient colors or icons. Instead, you can focus on what really matters - connecting with your audience and creating an unforgettable event.

Creators that love us say building events on Move is as effortless as creating a social media post. With Move, we enable just enough features for you to control what really matters with your events so in just seconds, you can have a beautiful event page that's sure to impress your audience.

Join the hundreds of creators who have already discovered the power of Move. Start creating your next event today and experience the future of event management.

What type events does Move Support?

Move is suitable for any event, ranging from small dinner parties, house parties, and casual get-togethers to corporate events, weddings, and concerts. Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, Move is the perfect choice for coordinating with a group of people.

With Move, you can customize your event settings to meet your specific needs. You can create unlimited tickets with flexible settings and even password-protect your event page.

Whether you're offering free or paid events, Move's flexibility and simplicity make it the best choice.

Is Move Free?

Yes, you can use Move and all its core features for free for up to three events. If you've reached your event limit, you can delete one of your older events to create a new one. Upgrading to Move Pro removes the event restriction and unlocks several advanced features.

How does the free account work?

A Move Regular account grants you access to all core features, which include every feature except those marked with the "Pro Only" label. To explore Move's features in detail, visit our the features page. With a regular account, you have the flexibility to create both paid and free events.

However, please note that Move's regular account has a limitation of publishing a maximum of 3 paid events simultaneously. This means you can publish an unlimited number of free events and have an unlimited number of events in draft mode. If you wish to have more than 3 paid events live at once, you would need to upgrade to a Move Pro membership.

How many tickets can you make per event?

You can make an unlimited amount of ticket types per event. We only restrict the amount of events you can build based on if you have Move regular account or a Pro account.

Can you sell tickets and receive payment?

Yes, Move allows you to sell event tickets in up to 25+ countries. By connecting a bank account or debit card Move sends out transfers every 3 days delivering your total Move account balance.

How does Move allow you to receive sales before your event day? What happens in the event of a refund?

Move has partnered with Stripe, a global payment processor, to facilitate Move accounts and transactions. By connecting your payment information to Move, you enter into an agreement with Stripe. During the payment onboarding process, you will create a Stripe account, which allows Move to support global payment processing, including currency conversion.

When an attendee purchases a ticket through your Move account, Move processes the transaction by deducting fees and transferring the remaining balance to a connected member's Stripe account. The balance is then transferred to your bank account through Stripe's transfer process, which usually takes 1-3 days.

If you need to issue a refund, you can issue the refund within your Stripe account, and Stripe will charge the debit or bank account connected to the Stripe account.

To protect against fraudulent users creating Move accounts, we require users to validate their identity or entity through Stripe, as well as provide their payment details. You can learn more about our methods for preventing fraud in the question "How do you prevent fraud?"

How do you protect against fraudulent accounts or bad actors?

To protect against fraudulent users creating Move accounts, we require users to validate their identity or entity through Stripe, as well as provide their payment details.

Stripe uses a variety of methods to verify the identity of users and prevent fraudulent accounts from being created on their platform. One of these methods is requiring users to provide personal or business information, such as their legal name and address, as well as their Social Security number or tax ID number. Stripe may also ask for additional documentation to confirm a user's identity, such as a government-issued ID or business registration documents.

In addition to these verification methods, Stripe also uses machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior and identify patterns that may indicate fraudulent activity. This helps Stripe to detect and prevent fraud before it occurs, protecting both the user and the platform from potential losses.

By requiring users to go through a rigorous verification process, Stripe is able to maintain a high level of trust and security on their platform. This helps to protect legitimate users and businesses from fraud, while also ensuring that Stripe remains a trusted payment processor for users around the world.


To combat against bad actors and protect against fraudulent transactions, Move works closely with Stripe and employs a number of strategies.

1. The first strategy is to add a spam detector to the booking page of the event, requiring visitors to confirm that they are not a robot before completing the booking process to reserve a ticket.

2. Additionally, Move support and moderators work closely with Stripe to observe odd or unusual account activity, such as an event page that looks unrealistic or cannot be verified, and an account with limited details trying to sell event tickets with a large price tag. If something seems odd to Stripe, it is also suspicious to Move, and the account is immediately frozen until they have spoken with the owner and verified some unanswered questions.

3. We rely heavily on Stripe to support our payment infrastructure. Stripe uses various methods to prevent fraudulent transactions on their platform, including automated fraud detection tools that analyze each transaction for signs of fraudulent activity. They also use machine learning algorithms to detect patterns of fraudulent behavior and to identify and block suspicious transactions.

In addition to these automated tools, Stripe also employs a team of fraud prevention specialists who review transactions and work to identify and stop fraudulent activity. They may also reach out to merchants to confirm the legitimacy of certain transactions or to request additional information to verify a customer's identity.

In some cases, Move may also use additional Stripe tools to help prevent fraud, such as 3D Secure, a system that adds an extra layer of authentication to online transactions. This where we set up rules to flag or block transactions that meet certain criteria, such as those originating from high-risk countries or those involving unusually large amounts of money. By employing these strategies, Move and Stripe can work together to prevent fraudulent transactions and protect legitimate users and businesses from potential losses and the reputation of our platform and users.

Do you allow to pass fees to customers?

Yes, with Move you have the option to pass both Move and payment transaction fees to the customer.

How does Move make money?

To keep our fees low, we primarily rely on our Move Pro users who pay an annual subscription fee of $299. This serves as the main source of revenue for Move. Additionally, we charge a transaction fee per transaction, but it is the lowest available and not based on the number of tickets purchased. Whether a visitor buys one or five tickets for your event, the transaction fee remains the same, which is 75 cents when processed through Move.

Is Move compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR (Privacy Compliant)?

Yes, Move is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR standards. We do not use tools that can identify a user on our platform without their consent. For example, we do not use cookies to track user behavior or collect personal information without user consent. We are committed to protecting the privacy and data rights of our users, and we have implemented strict security protocols to ensure that user data is kept safe and secure.

Regarding our internal analytics and behavior monitoring, we do not rely on intrusive products such as Google Analytics or other in-depth demographic traffic tools. Instead, we use Plausible ( and internal tools to monitor traffic activity, performance, uptime, and feature usage for usability reference and improvements.

For your events, we rely on our custom-built software that incorporates and uses some open-source software to track event views and activity and report them back to you. None of your attendee data is exported to a third-party service or product that abuses information. We will not sell your data or your attendee data.

If I want to leave Move can I get my data?

Yes, if you choose to leave Move, we will work with you to export any event and account data you have on our platform. We value your data and privacy, and we are committed to using your attendees' information only in the context of your event. We will not reach out to your attendees for any other purpose or use any unethical methods regarding your account data or visitors.

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