Use Case: Beginner friendly, easy to use for the average human

For the Average Human


  • Name: Jane
  • Age: 35
  • Occupation: Executive Assistant
  • Tech Proficiency: Moderate (comfortable using smartphones and basic apps)
  • Interests: Hosting social gatherings, watching sports, enjoying creative activities like painting, and attending local events.

Scenario 1: Hosting a Wine and Paint Session

How Move Helps:

  • Event Setup: Jane creates an event for a wine and paint session, setting ticket prices and including details about the art supplies provided.
  • Ticket Coupons: To reward loyal participants, she creates ticket coupons and shares the codes to those folks.
  • Promotion: Jane shares the event link on their social media profiles and with their coworkers.
  • Registrations: Attendees can easily purchase and register for the event and track their admission pass via email or SMS.
  • Announcements: If there are any last-minute changes to the painting supplies or venue, Jane sends out announcements to all attendees.
  • Check-In: On the day of the event, She uses Move's digital check-in feature, allowing them to focus on guiding the art session.

Scenario 2: Hosting a Super Bowl Party

How Move Helps:

  • Event Creation: Jane easily creates a Super Bowl party event on Move's user-friendly platform, specifying the date, time, and location.
  • Ticketing: They set up ticket options for guests, whether it's a free gathering or a small charge to cover snacks and drinks.
  • Invitations: Using Move's SMS and email registration, they invite friends and family with a simple text or email link.
  • Updates: Jane can send updates about the game time, menu changes, or parking instructions to all attendees via Move's announcement feature.
  • Check-In: On game day, she uses her smartphone or laptop to check in guests digitally, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for paper lists.
  • Ticket Delivery: Guests receive their tickets via text, making it convenient for them to access event details.

Use Case: Any organization that hosts events

For Businesses

Background: (Company Profile)

  • Name: ABC Financial Services
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Event Types: Seminars, Client Meetings, Internal Training Sessions
  • Event Security: Confidential Client Meetings

Scenario 1: Seminars and Client Meetings

How Move Helps:

  • Event Setup: ABC Financial Services easily creates seminar and client meeting events on Move's platform, providing event details, date, time, and speaker information.
  • Registration: Attendees, including clients and prospects, can register for these events through simple SMS or email registration, ensuring a user-friendly registration process.
  • Updates: ABC Financial Services uses Move's announcement feature to send event updates, agenda changes, and important financial insights to all registered participants.
  • Ticket Delivery: Attendees receive their event tickets via SMS or email for easy access, along with reminders and event details.

Scenario 2: Internal Training Sessions

How Move Helps:

  • Event Creation: ABC Financial Services organizes internal training sessions on Move, ensuring that only employees within the organization can access event content and registration.
  • Security: Move's password protection feature is used to restrict access to confidential training materials and discussions and other details on the event page, maintaining privacy.
  • Attendance Monitoring: Firm administrators use Move to monitor and track attendance, ensuring that only authorized employees participate in the training sessions.
  • Updates: Move allows internal communication by only delivering announcements to registered attendees. Companies can rest easy to know that the announcements aren't publicly accessible.
Additional Examples for ABC Financial Services:
  • Investor Conferences: Hosting investor conferences with tailored registration and access control.
  • Financial Workshops: Offering financial literacy workshops for clients and prospects.
  • Board Meetings: Managing board meetings by enabling password protected registration.
  • Compliance Training: Conducting compliance training sessions for employees and tracking participation.

Use Case: Recurring events, versatile event support

For Event Venues

Background: (Venue Profile)

  • Name: Metro Events Center
  • Description: Metro Events Center is a versatile event space that hosts a wide range of events throughout the year, including concerts, weddings, corporate meetings, and community gatherings.
  • Event Types: Concerts, Weddings, Corporate Meetings, Community Events, Art Exhibitions.
  • Venue Capacity: Concert Hall (5000+ attendees), Small Bars (100-300 attendees), Conference Rooms (20-50 attendees)

Versatile Venue Options with Move

How Move Helps:

  • Multi-Venue Support: Metro Events Center hosts events in various venue types, including concert halls, small bars, and conference rooms. Move allows them to manage and promote these different event spaces efficiently.
  • Event Setup: The venue can easily create and customize event profiles for each type of event space, specifying capacity, layout, and amenities.
  • Profile Management: Move's venue profile serves as an online presence for Metro Events Center, listing all upcoming and past events, along with essential details such as event descriptions, photos, and location information.
  • Customization: The venue can personalize its Move profile with branding elements, social media links, custom meta tags, and more to enhance its online visibility.
  • Analytics: Metro Events Center utilizes Move's analytics feature to track views across its profile and individual events, helping them understand attendee engagement and event popularity.
  • Event Communication: The venue sends event updates, notifications, and crucial announcements through Move's dedicated communication features, ensuring attendees are well-informed.

Examples of How Metro Events Center Would Use Move

  • Concerts: Metro Events Center promotes upcoming concerts through its Move profile, providing event details, ticket sales, and artist information. Attendees receive digital tickets and real-time updates about showtimes and entry instructions.
  • Weddings: The venue uses Move to showcase its wedding packages, including venue options, catering details, and photo galleries. Couples can register their guests, manage RSVPs, and share event updates with ease.
  • Corporate Meetings: For corporate clients, Metro Events Center creates event profiles for various conference rooms. Move simplifies attendee registration, check-in processes, and post-event analytics, making corporate meetings seamless.
  • Community Events: The venue hosts community events like art exhibitions and local markets. Move helps promote these events, manage vendor registrations, and communicate with attendees about event details and schedules.
  • Small Bars: Even for smaller venues like bars within the Metro Events Center, Move streamlines ticket sales, guest list management, and event promotion, making it ideal for intimate gatherings and performances.
Additional Features:
  • Virtual Events: In response to changing times, the venue utilizes Move to handle ticketing for virtual events, including live-streamed concerts and webinars.
  • Multi-Currency Support: For international clients, Move allows Metro Events Center to sell event tickets in various currencies and receive payouts in their preferred currency.
  • Secure Access: Move's password protection feature helps the venue restrict access to specific events or sections, ensuring event content and ticket sales are exclusive when needed.
  • Note: Metro Events Center benefits from Move's versatility in managing various venue types, making it a valuable tool for their event hosting needs.

Use Case: Collaborate and organize publicly while accepting donations.

For Non-Profits

Background: (Nonprofit Company Profile)

  • Name: Community Cares Foundation
  • Mission: Promoting community well-being through various initiatives and support programs
  • Event Types: Fundraising Galas, Volunteer Training Workshops, Community Awareness Campaigns, Charity Runs
  • Event Goals: Raising funds, recruiting volunteers, spreading awareness, and fostering community engagement

Scenario 1: Fundraising Galas

How Move Helps:

  • Event Setup: Community Cares Foundation easily creates fundraising gala events on Move's platform, providing event details, date, time, and guest speakers.
  • Ticketing/Registration: Supporters and donors can register for the galas through SMS or email, simplifying the ticket purchase process.
  • Donation Integration: Move allows for seamless integration with online donation platforms, making it easy for attendees to contribute during registration or the event.
  • Updates: The foundation uses Move's announcement feature to keep attendees informed about event highlights, guest speakers, and fundraising goals.
  • Check In: On the day of the gala, volunteers and staff use Move's digital check-in feature to efficiently manage guest arrivals, ensuring a smooth event experience.
  • Ticket Delivery: Attendees receive their gala tickets via SMS or email, along with event details and donation links.

Scenario 2: Community Awareness Campaigns and Charity Runs

How Move Helps:

  • Event Setup: Move allows for the creation of awareness campaigns and charity runs, with user-friendly registration options for participants.
  • Promotion: Community Cares Foundation promotes events on social media and via email, directing potential participants to the Move registration page.
  • Participant Engagement: Participants receive event details, including routes, schedules, and safety instructions via SMS or email.
  • Fundraising: Easily integrate fundraising platforms in your event details, enabling participants to raise funds for the foundation's causes.
  • Real-time Updates: The foundation can use Move to send real-time updates to participants during charity runs, ensuring their safety and providing event progress information.

Scenario 3: Volunteer Training Workshops

How Move Helps:

  • Event Creation: Community Cares Foundation organizes volunteer training workshops on Move, tailoring the registration process to accommodate prospective volunteers.
  • Communication: Move provides a secure platform for communicating with volunteers, sharing training materials, schedules, and updates.
  • Attendance Tracking: The foundation tracks volunteer attendance and participation in workshops, ensuring they are well-prepared for their roles..
  • Feedback Gathering: Move enables the collection of volunteer feedback and insights, helping improve the training process.
Additional Examples for ABC Financial Services:
  • Community Clean-up Days: Organizing volunteer-driven clean-up events to improve local neighborhoods.
  • Educational Workshops: Hosting workshops for underprivileged youth, focusing on skills development and education.
  • Food Drives: Coordinating food drives to collect donations for local food banks and shelters.
  • Health Clinics: Managing health clinics to provide free medical services to underserved communities.

Use Case: Daily tool for event managers

For Event Managers

Background: (Company Profile)

  • Name: Sarah Thompson
  • Role: Event Manager
  • Experience: Over 5 years in event planning and management
  • Event Specialization: Corporate Events, Conferences, Product Launches, Gala Dinners, Trade Shows

Daily Work Life

How Move Helps:

  • Event Setup: Sarah easily creates event profiles on Move, specifying event details, dates, times, and venues for her clients.
  • Customization: Move allows Sarah to tailor event profiles with branding elements, logos, event descriptions, and custom meta tags to match her clients' branding and marketing strategies.
  • Streamlined Registration: Sarah sets up event registration on Move, offering attendees user-friendly options such as SMS or email registration.
  • Ticket Options: She creates various ticket types, including early-bird, VIP, and group discounts, to cater to diverse attendee preferences.
  • Event Promotion: Sarah leverages Move's event promotion tools, including customizable event landing pages, social media sharing, and direct links to drive ticket sales.
  • Email Campaigns: Move enables her to export former attendees emails to create invitations and newsletters.
  • Multi-Currency Support: For international clients, Sarah utilizes Move's multi-currency support to sell tickets in different currencies
  • Real-time Updates: Sarah keeps attendees informed with real-time event updates, venue changes, and important announcements through Move's dedicated communication features.
  • Event Analytics: Sarah tracks event performance with Move's analytics dashboard, gaining insights into registration numbers, ticket sales, attendee engagement, and revenue.
  • Exportable Reports: Move allows her to export event booking lists and email lists for integration with her clients' CRM systems and business analytics.
  • Virtual Events: In response to the changing event landscape, Sarah utilizes Move to host virtual events seamlessly, including webinars, product launches, and online conferences using either Move's Zoom integration or virtual URL option.
  • Hybrid Events: For hybrid events, she combines virtual and in-person experiences using Move's flexible event setup options.
  • Password Protection: Sarah leverages Move's password protection feature when necessary, ensuring event content, registration, and ticket access are exclusive.
  • Ticket Coupons: She creates customized ticket coupons for special promotions, group bookings, or early registrations, all managed easily within Move.
  • Digital Check-In: On event days, Sarah and her team use Move's digital check-in feature, eliminating the need for paper-based guest lists and any physical equipment.

Use Case: Recurring events, Bottle Service Purchases, Table Reservations

For Event Promoters


  • Name: Alex Rodriguez
  • Role: Event and Club Promoter
  • Expertise: Over 7 years in event promotion and nightlife management.
  • Events Specialization: Nightclub Parties, DJ Shows, Themed Events, Concert After parties.

Daily Work Life

How Move Helps:

  • Event Setup: Alex quickly creates event profiles on Move, providing event details, dates, times, and venue information for upcoming parties and shows.
  • Branding: Move allows him to brand event pages with a cover image, event descriptions, and unique meta tags to capture the essence of each event.
  • Streamlined Ticket Sales: Alex sets up event registration on Move, offering attendees user-friendly options like SMS or email registration and one-click ticket purchasing.
  • Ticket Types: He creates ticket categories, including VIP, general admission, and early-bird tickets, to cater to different attendee preferences.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Alex adjusts ticket prices in real-time based on demand, leveraging Move's flexible pricing features.
  • Event Landing Pages: Move provides auto generate event landing pages, giving Alex a central hub for promoting events, showcasing event details, and enticing ticket purchases.
  • Social Media Integration: He uses Move to share event links directly on social media platforms to expand event reach and attract a broader audience.
  • Multi-Currency Support: For international attendees, Move allows him to sell tickets in different currencies, making events accessible to tourists.
  • Event Analytics: Alex tracks event performance with Move's analytics dashboard, offering insights into ticket sales, attendee engagement, and revenue trends.
  • Exportable Reports: Move enables him to export event attendee lists and insights for future event planning and sponsor reporting.
  • Promotions and Discounts: Alex offers exclusive ticket coupons and discounts for loyal attendees and early registrants, all managed easily within Move.
  • Efficient Check-In: On event nights, Alex and his team use Move's digital check-in feature, enabling faster entry for guests with table reservations.

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