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Move replaces the controlling, complicated, and expensive platforms with a simplistic, modern, all-in-one tool. With clever features that allow you to manage your events in unique ways, Move is a fresh approach to connect with your community.

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Digital Check In

Many companies require you to purchase some sort of equipment or additional purchases to integrate with their tech. This can become a massive burden on your budget. However, Move offers a remarkable alternative that eliminates this concern entirely. Allowing you and others to check in attendees using solely the web and a laptop or mobile device. It’s neat, simple, and reliable with Move.
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Unlimited Tickets

Create as many ticket types for your event as you like. No need to struggle or get creative to fit the ridiculous ticket limit restrictions set by other platforms. With Move, we’re flexible to fit your needs. Rather, you need 1 ticket type or a 100.
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Manage Sales

Most event ticketing apps have a holding period between when ticket sales are captured and when they are deposited to your account. Move introduces a new approach, we allow our users to manage their sales directly and we get out of the way.
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Account Profile

Event publishing has never been easier. Through your Move profile, you're able to list all of your upcoming and past events for the world to see. Your profile serves as a perfect extension to your web presence. Add a favicon, social media links, custom meta tags, plus more to further personalize your profile.


Move provides analytics on your profile and events. You’re able to track views across your profile and each of your events. Also, in Move being fully aligned with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR standards, you can rest assured your event is safe and compliant.


Email newsletters are great, but they can get missed and don't trigger the necessary urgency when event updates need to be shared. So Move has a dedicated space where you can notify your event attendees by sending an announcement when crucial updates or changes occur with your event.
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Ticket Coupons

You know how sometimes setting up coupons takes longer than expected? With Move, you can drop the headaches and the complexity by creating coupons on an individual ticket basis. When you want a coupon for a ticket, create one for just that ticket... No need to fool around with templates, and complex settings, or waste time worrying about which is connected to multiple tickets.

Virtual Event + Zoom Integration

Effortlessly collect RSVPs and sell tickets for your virtual event with Move. Simply set up your virtual event settings, and attendees will receive all the details in their booking confirmation after making a reservation.

Text Ticket Delivery

With Move, attendees can receive their booking confirmation and ticket via text, making it easy to access on event day without the hassle of sifting through a flooded email inbox.

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For Move pro accounts, we allow you to create exclusive content and control access to your event content, registration, and tickets with a single password. Anyone visiting your event's landing page will be prompted for a password before being able to view the page and any of it's content.

Apple + Android Wallet Support

With Move, we make check-in a breeze for both you and your attendees. Our tickets now support Apple and Android Wallet, allowing customers to conveniently export their ticket to their phone so it's out the way but at hand.

Meta Tags

Move provides custom, auto-generated, meta tags. With Move, you're able to easily customize the meta tags to your event and profile landing pages simply by editing them within the builder. This includes a description, keywords, and even a favicon. It’s neat, it’s simple, it’s intuitive, and it’s automatic in Move.


Global event publishing has never been easier. Move is perfect for the typical event producer, or company that hosts events across the world. With Move's multi-currency support, sell event tickets in just about any currency and receive payouts in your currency.
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Events API

Connecting your events to other web services is often an intertwined mess of complications. Move provides a simple method to share your events' data with other services. Move's API isn't intended to be a complete model of everything you can do in our application. The truth is that less than half a percent of our end-users may need it, but we aim to support the users who do.

Organizer Check-in

Move handles online ticketing and on-site check-in with no equipment needed. Drop the additional expensive equipment, and convert to Move's seamless check-in flow. Move generates a number of ways an attendee can present their ticket so you or your team can simply check them in and monitor your overall event attendance.
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Sheet

Sometimes you need to manage events the old fashion way. With Move, we allow you to easily export a full list of your event attendees in a "sign-in" format. When selected, Move generates a PDF list with all of your attendee information for you to match by name, email, or confirmation number while providing a space for them to sign their name or initials.

Share via a Link

With Move, you can easily share a direct link to any event or your profile with anyone you’d like. Once an event is published, we also make it easy for you to share directly to social media sites like Twitter.

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