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We built Move to serve as the ultimate DIY event tool that's not only simple, but also packs the modern technology that's typically only found in more complex platforms. If you're seeking an alternative to Facebook Events, confusing email or text chains, or websites that either overwhelm or fall short, Move may be a fit for you.

We simplify the registration process, enabling your attendees to register via SMS or email. Furthermore, event updates and communication are managed through the same method chosen.
All tickets, also known as "Move Passes", can be easily saved to attendees' Apple or Android wallets, providing convenient access to their tickets so it's out the way but at hand.
Enjoy seamless transfers and transparent fees with Move, whether you're an amphitheater hosting frequent events or a mom organizing a wine and paint session.
Effortlessly streamline attendee check-in by going digital with just a web browser and a laptop or mobile device, eliminating the need for extra equipment and associated expenses.
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Move Events
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A simpler and smarter way to manage events...

We're ideal for event creators of any type who dislike odd limitations, clutter, and complications, Move was specifically crafted for the doers who want to cut through the fluff and efficiently manage the foundation of their event. With its clever features that simplify the essentials, Move enables you to focus on what truly matters.

Simple, should never be complicated. Effortlessly export event booking lists or email lists to seamlessly integrate with other facets of your business.
Track views across your profile and each of your events with Move's analytics view. No confusing charts or a million filters, just the stats that matter.
Type one message and brodcast it to all. Move has a dedicated space where you can notify your attendees when crucial updates or changes occur with your event.
Ensure exclusivity by leveraging Move's password protection feature, granting you complete control over event content, registration, and ticket access.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Save big with Move. See how our all-in-one, fixed price compares.

Enjoy early payouts before your event.
Enabling your account to receive payment is pretty straightforward. Move is supported by Stripe, a global payment processor that allows you to sell tickets in over 25+ countries. Simply connect your bank account or debit card through Move, and begin selling event tickets today!

When selling tickets Move collects two fees. The first being our platform fee which is 75¢ per transaction, no matter the ticket price. The second is the banking and transaction fee charged by our payment processor Stripe. The credit card processing fee is charged at 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction. Account owners can choose to absorb or pass fees. We don't over manage your cash. Enjoy early payouts before your event, as transfers are processed weekly.
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Ideal for the casual event creator. Perfect for anyone hosting meetups, weddings, get-togethers, and various other events.

  • Access to core features
  • Create up to 3 events
  • Unlimited ticket types
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For advanced creators, who create and manage events regularly.

  • No Event Limit (Unlimited Events)
  • Password-protected Events
  • Account Support
  • Onboarding Support
  • API/Integration Support
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